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Detox With Art

Are you thinking of Going 'dry' for January? It sounds like such a noble hug yourself kind of thing to do doesn't it? I have another love suggestion. What if I I suggested to detox with art instead? Viewing art in whatever form can be healing, the first time I had this experience was at a Henri Matise exhibit or so I thought, as I spent more time thinking about how many time's I've experienced this feeling of clarity I realized that particular visit wasn't the first. That visit stood out in my memory because I think I thought it was supposed to. Now that I think about it I can recall many times, at all kinds of galleries or art walks where I remember the art, or the artist, his or her face. The memories are clear points in time, not only because I like what i saw, but because for a moment in time art changed my life. I think visit's to the art museum or gallery can be a transcendental experience inducing moments of catharsis, reflection, reevaluation or revelation and they should be ritualistic for us all. The next time you visit a museum be aware of your contemplative self, how you change your behavior, how everything becomes metered and while your in this hyper aware state you may not have realized you were entering. I was inspired to write this after browsing some articles on and it made perfect sense to me after visiting the the denver art museum for the first free day of the year. check out rise art for some alternate perspectives on art and art life. Thank you to Beathan Street for the inspiration. You can read more of her work here: // Start the new year off with some art in your life. #artlife #newyear2019 #detoxwithart #denverartmuseum

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